Great condition classic rifle. .22 Cal Enfield Trainer Canadian With sling
TERNI 1891 CARCANO ww1 Very good condition Firing With sling
Izhevsk M44 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R Very good condition Laminated stock. Bayonet Sling cleaning rod 1945
India #1 MK3 .410 shotgun Prison gun Not a conversion gun Made for prison duty in India Very good condition With sling
Not a conversion rifle. This rifle was made specifically in 7.62x51 NATO. Very good condition rifle Box magazine Sling Oiler in stock
Terni M38 Carcano 7.35 W original SA marked Sling. Amazing condition with cleaning rod. Rifle is SA marked Clean 1939 rifle
Tula 91/30 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R. Great condition with sling and bayonet, cleaning rod. Matching serial numbers. Cosmoline still in the rifle. 1939 rifle
26-Jun-2018Camp Verde, AZ(19 miles)Bicycles for Sale
Been used a couple times almost brand new mint condtion special addition twisted chrome handel bars steering wheel and forks 140 spoke rims sells on ebay over $1000 used
This is a special production rifle bought in 2017 new. It's equipped with Athlon 8-34 mil-dot lighted optics, bipod 8-14",muzzle break,and sling. Has padded case and laser sight. Has less than 50 rds. Shot through it. Consider trades. Price is bare rifle w/o scope
$40 each 2 Kelty backpacks with rain covers. Red backpack frame is 14" wide by 31" Green backpack frame is 15" by 36" 1 light blue MEI frameless back pack with zip off day pack 1 dark blue REI frameless back pack All are in good condition
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